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Beeing an AWB-affiliate representing the Linzer Astronomical Society - LAG / AUSTRIA I am happy to report the following little event at my hometown Linz in Upperaustria.

The Long Night of Exploration
5. Nov. 2010


Together with 2 friends of LAG (Astronomical Society of Linz) I introduced to many people LAG, AWB, TWAN,  Lightpollution and so on .... during the "Long Night of Exploration" in my hometown. For this purpose I made a fully automated Powerpointpresentation combined with music. The whole night people, who visited the museum, could make a look to our presentation and some looks between the clouds to some celestial objects. As usual the weather was not very "cooperatively" ;-) but we did the best in respect of this circumstances.


Shortly after we set up our information desk.

Following is my friend Herbert Raab - the Author of the worldwide known software ASTROMETRICA
Looking at Jupiter, between the clouds
My little presentation-equipment




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